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Awesome Women Photographers!

Who run the world? Yup. Us! There are so many amazing women in this industry I thought I'd share my favorites for some inspo to you all! Lets start with Annie Leibovitz. Her images are so breathtaking and she captures celebrities in a different light. I think it's safe to say that, if they are famous, she's shot them. She has every celeb from the goddess known as Angelina Jolie all the way to the eye-catching Anne Hathaway. Then we have the artist Ruth Orkin, who amazes me every time with her captivating images of people being faced with everyday tasks. She gives an attitude to her images that makes you really feel what it would be like in a different era. Next on our list is the incredibly talented Sally Mann. She had a beautiful series of images that were of only 12 year old girls. It shows the intense transition into being a woman but also the playful side of being in your adolescents. Her images of children speak for themselves, the moment you see the subject you can get a spark of them in that exact moment. Whether they are sad, happy, scared, or mad it all makes for excellent photography. She also embraces nudity and doesn't shy away from showing some skin which gives the images another layer of youthfulness. Lastly I want to talk about Francesca Woodman. She is known for showing women in the nude but giving them an almost phantom feeling. She shows them sitting on the ground, in rooms with nothing but a chair, or even in motion where you can't completely depict the movement but it gives a sense of spiritual presence. Each of these women have their own way of making art and I encourage you to look up their images and read about them! It amazes me every time the things that women have been able to do since the first life on earth. We create life, but we can also create amazing art.


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