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Models, Models, Models!

The talent, the model, the subject, whatever you prefer to refer to them as, they are essential (for portrait photography at least...). Finding models is not an easy task! I began taking pictures of my friends so they are mainly my models but of course you do end up getting a lot of images of the same people so then comes the time to search for new subjects! Instagram, oh how I love you! Reaching out to people can be awkward but believe me when I tell you, they will not think you are weird for asking, they will be flattered. If you do so happen to get lucky enough to find a great model who is willing to come out and shoot, you are faced with the next step: the first meeting! Congrats! It can feel extremely stiff the first time that you meet your model. What I find to be most effective is asking questions, just have a list of them in your head. You can ask if they have any background with being in front of a camera, or if there is anything that you can do to make the shoot more enjoyable. Check in with them throughout. Don't forget, models are people too! Get them water, ask if they are comfortable with that you are doing, and if you (as the photographer) are starting to feel tired I'm certain that your model is exhausted. It's hard work being in the limelight! Models can be absolutely wonderful, they can give you ideas if you are looking around for what to shoot next, and the really good ones pose for you and you don't have to non-stop position and give direction! Score! You hear the words "naturally photogenic" thrown around your whole life, but the moment that you enter that world and it becomes your reality its like heaven's doors just swung open! It feels like you can never get a bad picture of your subject! That being said, I believe that people can become photogenic. The more experience that your talent has the more knowledge they understand, like where their best angles are, what looks good on camera, and most importantly how to pose. Learning to pose is a whole other world of techniques and strategies, from the aspect of the photographer and the model. I wish you all the best of luck in finding beautiful, awesome talent, and if you are interesting in shooting with me as a PA or a model please, please, please, click the contact button and I will be in touch right away, I'm always looking for extra help and talent! Kisses! XOXO


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