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Ah, inspiration, what an interesting subject! When you are a photographer and you look up to other artists it can be dangerous to accidentally "steal" ideas. Doing your version of someone else's image is totally awesome but its also completely amazing when you do a shoot that was entirely your idea and seeing it come to life. My biggest photography inspiration is Tyler Shields because I think that his images are so powerful and unique. His images capture a feeling and it instantly makes me want to create content. There are so many photographers out there, so much to look at, it feels like your eyes could fall out at times. You have to just sit there, maybe put on some music, get a pen and paper and just start jotting down ideas. For me I find that if I give myself a couple minutes I can have a pretty clear idea of what I want to get together for a shoot. It's always different though, it can take me 2o minutes or a week. Writers block for photography, its deadly. I find fascination in almost anything vintage. The music, clothing, or cars from the past can totally make ideas strike into my brain! For my shoot Turn Back the Clock the idea came from being in a book store with all of these vintage magazines in this box just hidden in the corner, gathering dust. I opened them up and even by looking at the images and how differently the world was back then made my heart happy and the gears start moving to create. You can get ideas at the weirdest times like while watching TV, cleaning, or even while doing homework! Never stop creating, try to keep a constant flow of stuff coming in. I made this website so that I would be more driven to keep up with doing photography because its something that I find so much joy in! I hope my tips help and if you make anything you want to show me, hit the contact button and I would be totally stoked to go over your work, my favorite pastime is going through awesome content!


Signing off for today with one of my favorite quotes;

"Your imagination can only run wild if you let it"

-Tyler Shields

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