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Let's open todays blog with saying that we used face paint not actual paint... ever tried to face paint jeans? Exactly. It's extremely messy and aggravating. This was before I realized I should plan out my shoots before they happen, meaning that I might have paint in a shoot that revolved around it. It's a learning process, what can I say! We searched high and low for water colors, oils, even house paint if we could get our hands on it but alas, face paint it was... but it still did its job! We got Eli in wardrobe and makeup and then laid out newspapers in the backyard on the ground and I had her lie there. The sun was blasting so I would try and cover her face with the shadow of my legs, thats when I decided I should try and play with the light. The light that is shining on her face is actually coming from straight between my legs! To see the rest of the shoot go to Projects and then click Painters Palette!



Eliana Daneshvari

Shot by:

Atlee Aria Photography

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