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How to Make an Area that Fuels Your Creativity

Your room is a very personal thing. The space that you edit your photos could even determine how they turn out! If you can't stand your room, office, or whatever atmosphere you're in, it can alter your ability to create art. I know that redoing your personal space can become pricey, so here are my tips to making your little bubble a bit more comfortable and inspiring, on the cheap! One element that I have all over my room are candles. It's fantastic to have them in your space, and it gives it a sense of calm. The ones that I currently own are all purchased from grocery stores, you can buy a little lantern and put a 99 cent tea light in there and voila! Instantly your room will have a different effect on you. Another awesome thing to have in your space is art prints on the walls! You can search online at stores like Anthropology or Urban Outfitters and just get some little prints to stick on your walls. It is the best to surround yourself with art while you are making it yourself! You don't have to purchase frames either, I have these rose gold clips that hold up the art in my room and its a great addition to the piece. I'll put the link to where I bought them at the bottom of the blog*. Moving on! I always have a journal/planner next to my computer on my desk so that I can immediately jot down ideas or plan out shoot days! My desk is attached to a bookshelf so above me I have a ton of books that inspire me, all the way from Harry Potter to Chanel and Her World. Speaking of books and photography... photographers publish awesome books! The best gift that a photographer can give, sharing! I have several photographer's books all around my room such as Tyler Shield's Provocateur, Henry Carroll's Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs and the sequel Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs Of People. The next best thing after books is magazines. I have Vogue, Life, and Harper's Bazar, as well as many more but those are the ones that have some of my favorite photography. I also will splurge on buying myself an issue of Cinifex, the content in there is so awesome but the booklets become pretty pricey. One of the most essential things to have in your space is a very comfortable chair. You will be spending a lot of time sitting there, so why not make it enjoyable at the least? Another great thing to have in your space is a vision board. You can gather images and put them together so that you can get your all your ideas in the same place. I also suggest you print out some of your own photos, be proud! The last thing that I love seeing in my space everyday are cards. Through the years I have kept cards from my friends and family from past birthdays and that gives me a reminder of all the wonderful people supporting me! If you've got any cool stuff in your room that gets you inspired, comment below!


Here is were to purchase the clips to hold up your cool prints:

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