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Essentials For Shooting!

That awful moment when you are on set and you just pause and realize that you forgot something... worst feeling EVER! Here is a list of some of the things that I bring with me to every shoot, hopefully it will help you avoid those panic sessions!


-Clear head, helps you and your crew have a more enjoyable time!

-Camera(s), fully charged and with enough storage (download old images day before!)

-Extra battery or charger


-Studio lights, if necessary

-Reflectors (You can make your own with tin foil instead of spending 70 bucks!)

-Tripod, if necessary (I rarely use them)

-Pen or pencil and paper

-Shot list

-Call sheet

-Money, wallet, purse, camera bag, etc.

-Waters & snacks (check if anyone has allergies)

-Sunscreen (I'm sitting here with aloe vera on my back, not fun) & sunglasses

-Comfortable clothes, hey the models are the ones supposed to look gorge, you can be comfy

-Hair bands, bobby pins, hair brush, hair spray

-Have the models bring their own foundation, concealer, mascara, lipstick


-Wireless speaker, models are less tense when music is playing! Make a playlist or follow mine on Spotify, I'll put my info at the bottom of this blog*

-Chairs! If have them, bring them, they will be your saviors

-An umbrella, you can never be to careful with unpredictable weather and $$$ equipment

-Walkie talkies, rent them if you can, best decision of your life I swear...

-Wear layers, extra jacket or a pair of shorts can save your whole shoot

-PORTABLE PHONE CHARGER! Enough said. (And put your ringer on!)

I hope that these tips and tricks will help you in your future shoots, I know that if I had this list I would have remembered a couple extra things! If you have any suggestions for me to add to the lists, comment below! Share with fellow photographers so that we can all have a little less stress in our life... Happy shooting!


*my Spotify is Eelta2002 and I have some great playlists but the ones that I made specifically for shooting are called "Shoot Tunes" and "Solo Shooting". I will use the first one for group projects and the second for headshot one on one... mix it up, make your own and I'll listen to them! Thanks babes, enjoy :)

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