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This is my second favorite part! (the first being taking the images, of course) Once my images are edited, I can't stop looking at them for a good 24 hours. I'm captivated and high on the adrenaline of it all. So many people have commented to me about how I "over use" black and white, and to that I say, it's impossible! I think that b&w adds another other level of intensity to images that you can't obtain with color. Don't get me wrong, when an image comes out that looks absolutely stunning in color I am elated, and it can be just as captivating. To edit my photos I will normally use VSCO because there are so many options I really feel like I can personalize it just the way I envisioned. If my model has a blemish or there is something small that I can easily remedy I will use the app Facetune 2, which is awesome, free, and totally easy to use. I rarely have to use photoshop but when I do feel the need to I will use Adobe Photoshop, its a learning curve to get your way around it but it does its job very nicely. There is only so much that editing can do but I think its a fun and educational thing to do every time you shoot. You get to know what exposure, contrast, or temperature that you generally like on your photos at which is super helpful. Have fun editing, shooting, or organizing some awesome stuff guys! Talk soon!


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