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Test Drive


I can't explain how awesome this shoot was. The moment I walked into the garage I was beaming. Vintage vibes pouring out, I was in heaven. Chevys, Fords, Mercedes, you name it we had access and boy was it a blast! I had Eliana in a body suit, fishnets, ridiculous shoes, and to top it off some cherry red lipstick (as much fun as I was having, she had a tough time). Moving around inside the cars was tricky, God forbid making any marks on the leather or chipping the paint, but once situated we were able to get some awesome shots. In all we shot three cars (one Mercedes and two Chevrolets) and wrapped after three hours, it was a pretty calm shoot, we had the whole garage to ourselves which was an absolute blessing! Shown above is Hotrod, to see more check them out in projects under Test Drive.



Body suit and sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Fishnets: Nordstroms

Shoes: Makalia Teagle


Johnston Motorsports (Thank you Dion!)


Eliana Daneshvari

Produced by:

Lisa Phillips

Shot by:

Atlee Aria Photography



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