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Pity Party

This was a shoot for the books! I will remember this until the end of my days. In the morning Eliana and I went to the Leica Gallery to listen to Tyler Shields do a talk which was totally amazing, he's a huge inspiration of mine. We had the idea of doing a shoot in a bath with a bath bomb for months but we kept putting it off. Finally after the meet and great we went home determined to get some good shots. I set up some studio lights and ran the bath while Eli changed into a swim suit and soon enough she was in the water having to model! I began taking images by standing above the bath but by the end I was drenched (thankfully the camera was fully dry!) and happy about the way stuff was turning out. After downloading and editing we were all shocked at how the color popped. The way that her face was perfectly level with the water made it look like it was almost photoshopped. The bath bomb gave the effect of glitter which looked like stars and the foam projected galaxies (hence the name). In some images when the foam had dissolved we joked that she resembled an Avatar (the blue kind, not the airbender). It was a grueling process trying to keep everything in its place, as well as having the element of water which added its own level of problems but by the end we were couldn't stop looking at the images. Great experience with great people, thanks for putting up with me Eli! Up there! That's Pity Party, find the whole album in Projects under Galaxy Gal!



Bath Bomb from Lush


Eliana Daneshvari

Shot by:

Atlee Aria Photography

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