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Long ago in a galaxy far far away... 3 years ago I stole my moms camera (don't do it, I know from personal experience the wrath of an angry mom, ask first) which was a Canon T2i, and I dropped it *dies*. I had no idea what I was doing. I was 12 and handling this piece of equipment that I didn't know the power of. Yes, I became frustrated and mad because I didn't have the gear I "needed" or the "right models" that I envisioned but I realized that all you need to get the perfect shot is a camera. I grew up in the film industry. My parents own a production company and I thought that the world of film was a completely normal thing... which it defiantly isn't! It's unique, complicated, and totally nuts. I love the way that people can bend reality and shape it to tell any story. Photography is an interesting thing to get into, because at first you feel like everyone has taken a picture of everything but its not that which matters, it's how YOU portray it! I have to tell myself this over and over again. The creativity and inspiration that fills this crazy atmosphere is something that I want to be a part of my whole life. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my ideas and make my dreams a reality that I can share with the world!


Image shot by Baylee Heximer

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