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       I use photography as a means to exploit the intensity of moments I create. I find a sense of control when I’m behind a camera. I can showcase what I see and feel, and leave it up to my audience to begin conversation about it. Expression is the artists escape. The characters in my images are ones of my mind, I bring them to life and let them run free through my work. If I can bring something out of the subject in front of my lens, it’s no longer just a photograph, it’s raw emotion in visual form. The human spirit reflected in a second, captured in an image. I look at my craft as if every frame I take is capable of speaking back to its viewer, emitting emotion or prompting contemplation. My goal with my art is to use it as a tool to articulate the purity of the imperfect human experience. 

      I am greatly influenced by fashion and lifestyle. I find myself most interested in images that have my subject in a setting or wardrobe that isn’t considered the norm. To attain the images of my imagination I throw my models into situations they haven’t experienced before in order to capture a picture provoked by the moment. Whether I’m achieving this through the environment or the clothing it tends to propel my models into a state of complete vulnerability which later makes for a powerful image. 

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